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Buyer Bonus for ready Buyers

Buyer Bonus for ready Buyers

Well prepared buyer can save time, money and heart. Are you ready? Contact us and claim your Buyer Special bonus!



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Well prepared buyer deserves a special reward!

Pre-approved Buyer!

* Pre-approved buyer is the best buyer.  *
If you have a Pre-approval letter from a qualified lender within last 30 days, call us and claim your closing bonus.  If you are not ready yet, call us too, we will refer you to the lender who can help you to qualify for the mortgage.

Found the house !!!

Already found a house to purchase?

You invested your time for your dream home!  We are willing to reward your time. Call us and claim your bonus. We can process your offer the same day you call.  Don’t miss the opportunity for your dream home purchase with great savings.

A Cup of Coffee !

You are not sure about the process, school district, local area, etc… Just get a cup of coffee and have a meeting with me. I will help  you to get those information.

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Buyer Agent Welcome!

We welcome you if you are a buyer’s agent. Let’s work together. Call or visit us.

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