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House Sells Itself!!

House Sells Itself!!

Agency N.A.’s  Prepaid Listing Service is for BOTH Sellers and Buyers.  By reducing commission, sellers are given more room to negotiate, also, buyers can benefit for lower price. It is a WIN + WIN for both…
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Prepaid Listing Service

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We offer Prepaid Listing Service in

Gwinnett County
Forsyth County
North Fulton County
Hall County

* We will be expanding other areas soon.

House sells itself!

Sounds familiar?
It’s from an old car sales commercial, “Car sells itself.”

Before you list your house for sale, you should know the fact that house should be listed on Multiple Listing to make a pretty good exposure to the majority of potential buyers.
“For sale by owners” is a good idea for some markets and for very little portion of the society, but it takes too long to make a sale!

Agency N.A. lists all it’s exclusive listing contract houses in Multiple Listing Services so that all our listings can have maximum exposure to the buyers and their agents.  One thing that Agency N.A. is different from other brokers is we ask sellers to pay a small portion of Listing Commission “up-front”, for that, we reduce a BIG portion of listing commission at closing.

We believe in a sound market all houses can be sold with a reasonable market price as long as seller keeps house in a nice living condition.

I wonder, why some sellers are willing to pay maximum commission to the listing broker who puts a sign in front of the house and seldom comes back to see the house?

Here’s my humble suggestion, why not save on commission and get a nice LG Refrigerator and a fancy Audio/Video entertainment center at your new home after you sell your old house? Literally, some sellers saved more than $10,000 when they sold home with Agency N.A.

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$500 prepaid saves thousands!

Agency NA’s “Prepaid Listing Service”!
Save $$$ Thousands of Dollars $$$!

By paying $500 in advance, sellers can save so much when the house is sold. See the examples. It’s not complicated at all. Just sell your home and save.

Prepaid Listing Service

Higher priced homes save even more. Do the math yourself.

ex) House Selling Price : $300,000

  • Agency NA fee Total
    Listing Broker = $500+$2,250 = $2,750
    Buyer’s Broker = $9,000 or You decide
    Total : $11,750
  • Other Brokers
    Listing Broker = $9,000
    Buyer’s Broker = $9,000
    Total : $18,000
minimum savings of $6,250

ex) House Selling Price : $500,000

  • Can you guess how much you can save?
minimum savings of : $xx,xxx
Contact us if you have any questions.

Purchase a “Prepaid Listing Service” from Agency N.A.
and Save Thousands of Dollars.
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